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Genre Help

As you all know, starting in March we'll be reading a chosen genre that will have been voted upon by you all.

After a lot of deliberation and input from you all, I've compiled a list of genres, sub-genres and themes for you to use as a reference if you are confused what sort of books fall under what genres.

I've tried to make it as varied as possible so that no matter the genre you should be able to find a few choices in your buddy's TBR list. A lot of themes/sub-genres fall under multiple categories. I've tried to make it as wide as possible, because I know not everyone enjoys every genre, so I wanted people to be able to find something.

If there's any books or genres you're unsure about feel free to comment or PM a mod!

• Fantasy.
This can include: magical themes, dystopia, supernatural, paranormal, steampunk, fairy-tale, folklore, mythology, legend

• Crime
This can include: true crime, fiction, law

• Sci-Fi
This can include: space, futuristic, paranormal, dystopia,

• Thrillers
This can include: crime, suspense, horror themes,

• Auto/Biography
This can include: non-fiction, fiction, diaries, journals, letters, memoirs

• Historical
This can include: non-fiction, fiction, re-imagines,

• Romance
This can include: erotica

• Adult Fiction

• Contemporary

• Drama
This can include: theatre, screenplays, performing arts,

• Urban Fiction

• Horror
This can include: paranormal, supernatural, crime, fantastical themes,

• Mystery
This can include: crime, thriller, fiction, non-fiction

• Non-fiction
This can include: any genre, essays, political, sociology, ethnic studies, science, heath care
self help, psychology, arts & crafts, home care, gardening, cooking, exercise, sports, games, trivia, foriegn language learning, education, parenting

• Graphic Novels
This can include: comics, mangas

• Young Adult

• Classics
This can include: literature

• Childrens Books

• Poetry

• Short Stories

• Religion
This can include: philosophy, mythology, legends

In addition to this, some of you have expressed an interest in perhaps voting for a theme, rather than a genre, so we'll be including themes as well.

• A book by a female author
• a book with a one-word title
• a book released this year
• colours
• fear/happiness/learning/etc.
• picked based on cover
• written by a PoC
• Number in the title
• Animal in the title!
• an award winning book
• based on a true story/a real person
• fits into more than one genre
• a book with a movie/tv adaptation
• does/n't have a specific letter in the title
• or title starts with a specific letter
• own voices books
• A book set on a different continent than you
• A book set in two or more time periods
• A book by a LGBT-author
• A book by an author of a different culture than you
• A book by an author of a different race than you
• A book about LGBT-characters
• A book about human rights-issues
• A book about someone of a different race than you
• A book about someone of a different culture than you

Feel free to contribute any ideas!
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