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The Story Inside

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If you're anything like us, you'll no doubt have a mountain of books that you just never get around to reading, and we bet you just keep adding to it. Well, that's where thestoryinside comes in - have someone choose your book for you!

The process is simple: join the community, and each month sign up to be partnered with a buddy, who will then choose a book from your 'to read' list. At the end of each month there will be a community post to discuss your thoughts on the book(s) you read!

However, we're putting a twist on the traditional 'pick for me' routine and each month we'll vote on what theme or genre of book we'll be reading; now, of course this is open to personal interpretation, for example, if the genre is horror and you're not a big fan, you could go for a Goosebumps book, or even Twilight. There will be an opportunity in each voting post to ask any questions you might have, and there is also a genre & theme help post.

You do not need to take part every month! You must be a member of the community, but you don't need to sign-up every month. Also, please don't worry if you sign up and half way through the month you've been unable to read any of your chosen books - it happens to us all from time to time, so don't worry!

Of course, with every community, we have to have some rules:
• You must join the community to take part, but you do not need to take part every month, so please don't feel pressured. Membership does not mean you are signed up for each month's activities, so please watch out for sign-up posts.
• You must have a 'to read' list that is public (ie. Goodreads, a Tumblr post, a LJ post, etc.) as your buddy needs to be able to pick from your list.
• Please ensure you have a few books on your list. If there are any books you can't read for whatever reasons, you'll have the opportunity in the sign up post to let us know. It would also be helpful to have a good mixture of genres on your list.
• If you sign up but then realise you can't take part (meaning, you can't choose for your partner), please let a mod know ASAP so we can remove you from the sign-ups.

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