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You Want This Book?


Okay, so a lot of you have expressed an interest in books swaps/giveaways, so here's a post for you to list them!

Some rules:
+ hardbacks, paperbacks, and e-books are allowed
+ if you are asking for a book that is being offered, you need to be okay with giving that person your postal address - DO NOT POST IT PUBLICLY ON THE COMMUNITY. Do it via PM or email.
+ if you are asking for P+P or paying P+P, it must be done via Paypal for your own safety. Again, DO NOT POST IT PUBLICLY. Do it via PM or email.
+ please be sure to stay in contact with each other when sending/receiving
+ please let the sender know when you have received the book
+ e-books can obviously be sent via email

As we're still on fresh ground here, the rules are liable to change. If you have any issues or suggest, please go here or PM a mod.

If you're offering books, please copy and paste this into the comments:
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